UK government: ‘Don’t be fooled by sugar’

UK government: ‘Don’t be fooled by sugar’

July 28, 2021 Comments Off on UK government: ‘Don’t be fooled by sugar’ By admin

The British government has issued a public health warning about the sugar diet after it became a hot topic in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Government has issued an official warning to consumers that the ‘diet soda’ habit is a growing problem and recommends against consuming more than 2,000 milligrams of sugar per day.

The health warning comes as the sugar industry prepares to take on the sugar giants Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and other large beverage companies in a US$3 billion deal.

The sugar industry has been waging a public relations battle against government health warnings, with a new campaign launched last week that aims to convince the public that sugar is safe and nutritious.

The industry argues that the government’s health warning is a political stunt.

The campaign’s slogan is ‘Be careful what you wish for’.

It is part of a wider effort to raise public awareness of the sugar crisis and is expected to raise more than $1.4 billion for the NHS.

The UK Government has also launched a public education campaign aimed at promoting the health benefits of a sugar-free diet, which will target young people, those with pre-existing conditions and people with diabetes.

The campaign is being overseen by the Department for Health, which has been criticised for the lack of focus on the issue.

In a letter to parents, a government spokeswoman said: “We’ve made it clear that sugar isn’t good for you, and we know that too many of you don’t want to hear that.”

As a result, we’re announcing that we’re scrapping sugar-sweetened drinks in the NHS, meaning the government is removing the sweet drinks from all health-food outlets.

“The Government also says it’s removing sugar from everything from soft drinks to chocolate bars.”

“This means that if you’re looking for something to fill the void of your sugar consumption, you can rest assured that we are taking action to ensure your health is protected and we’re not putting you at risk,” she said.

“We want you to know that we’ll continue to keep an eye on the health and wellbeing of people around you.”

But we also know that there are those who are looking for sugar to fill their sweet tooth, and the government wants you to keep it out of your health.

“The Government said it was taking the health advice it received from the Royal College of Physicians and the American Medical Association and had been consulting with health professionals.”

It’s not easy to put things in context,” the spokeswoman said.

But she added: “We want to make sure that people are aware of the risks associated with sugar, and that we take action if they feel they need to change their behaviour.”

That includes advice for those who choose to drink more sugar-containing beverages.”

The sugar companies are already facing a backlash.

PepsiCo, which makes a range of products including soft drinks, chocolate and beer, is considering legal action against the UK Government over its sugar-drink policy.

The company said the move was an attempt to “overstate” its claim that sugar was healthy.

“These sugar-rich beverages are not really a health product, they’re just a marketing tool,” PepsiCo chief executive officer David Hart said.

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