Why grapefruit and other fruit juice is killing you

Why grapefruit and other fruit juice is killing you

August 4, 2021 Comments Off on Why grapefruit and other fruit juice is killing you By admin

Why do you think grapefruit is killing your teeth?

A fruit and juice company has been criticised for marketing its product as a diet coke alternative.

The Australian Beverage Association said the product is no different to other sugar substitutes and claims it’s the first sugar substitute in the market to be tested on animals.

Grapefruit juice, which is made from the juice of grapes and other fruits, has been marketed as a low-calorie sweetener that has no harmful effects on the human body.

The company behind the drink, Grapefruit Juice Co, said the company was committed to improving the health and wellbeing of Australians.

“We believe that the sugar-free lifestyle, particularly with respect to diet, is one that can be beneficial to both the body and mind,” Mr Roberts said.

“There are many foods that are high in nutrients and fibre, and we feel that there is a need for something to supplement these.”

Grapefruits are rich in vitamin C, which has been linked to lowering the risk of diabetes.

Grapes also contain vitamin K, a mineral that has been shown to help prevent diabetes.

It also contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and vitamin B6, which can help lower blood pressure and promote good cholesterol levels.

The drink is made by blending grapefruit juice with honey and other ingredients.

Mr Roberts said the new product was the first in a range of alternatives to sugar.

“Grape and other tropical fruit juices are used as a tonic and alternative to sugar for many people,” he said.

Mr Robertson said the sugar in grapefruit would help prevent weight gain and the drink would help people who are obese or who are struggling to lose weight.

“This is a very high quality, well-rounded product,” he added.

“People can take it for any reason they want.”

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