‘What’s up Santa Clarita’ fans, food? We’re eating what’s in stock

‘What’s up Santa Clarita’ fans, food? We’re eating what’s in stock

October 31, 2021 Comments Off on ‘What’s up Santa Clarita’ fans, food? We’re eating what’s in stock By admin


— For a time, the phrase “what’s up” seemed like a question that could have come from the lips of any casual foodie.

Then came the “what you got” phrase that was introduced to a new generation of consumers in recent years.

That phrase now appears on almost every menu item at fast-food chains nationwide, from hamburgers to pizza to sushi.

For many shoppers, that’s what they’re really asking: Where can I get something that I can eat at home?

And that, in turn, is the topic of an interview with food writers and diners.

So, to answer that question, we visited a new fast-casual restaurant on a quiet residential street in the city’s historic downtown Santa Claritas.

We sat down with a woman named Rachel, a mom of two who is a frequent customer at the food court.

She was excited about having a fresh, seasonal, homemade salad that she had made the night before, and she asked us to leave her a tip for her mom’s favorite chef.

She also mentioned that the food she had ordered had a little bit of everything, including a bowl of pasta that was topped with some fresh spinach.

After that, we got a free entrée, an appetizer and a dessert.

Rachel had been wanting to try a new meal since she first started eating here, and it’s one that’s hard to miss.

She said the restaurant, which she said is called “Santa Clarita,” was opened last year by her mother, who was inspired to make her own menu after her own son, who is about 6, died from an accidental drug overdose.

She says that after he died, her mom said she couldn’t believe how quickly she had been able to cook meals that were delicious and healthy.

The restaurant has a large outdoor patio that seats about 75 people.

At its busiest times, like lunchtime and dinner, the patio is filled with customers, but when the restaurant closes for the weekend, the seating capacity is about 30.

Rachel said she enjoys the food and the people, especially the staff.

The restaurant’s name is derived from the first three words of a poem that the restaurant’s owner, Yvette Flores, wrote in Spanish.

When she first began visiting the restaurant two years ago, Rachel said that she couldn�t find a Mexican restaurant that she liked better than Santa Claridad.

But now, she says, she is more than satisfied with her experience.

Rachel said she has been eating there every day for about three weeks and is pleased with the menu.

She likes that it has lots of vegetarian and gluten-free options and that she can order all of the dishes without worrying about what is gluten- or dairy-free.

Rachel says that when she is shopping for food, she uses an app to look for foods that are available in her area, like fresh produce and vegetables.

She usually looks for foods from Mexico or Asia, but if she can find a local or organic product that she wants to buy, she makes a reservation for it.

She said that if she has time, she tries to eat at the restaurant whenever possible.

But she says she does eat at other restaurants occasionally, like the ones in Santa Monica and Hollywood.

When I asked if she would ever order a menu item, she said, �I would try to make a reservation,� but she would always ask if I wanted a salad or a dish.

Rachel told me that the menu is always fresh, with only the freshest ingredients.

She uses fresh herbs and spices and she also makes her own pasta and rice.

She used to have to cook the rice in a cast iron skillet and add spices like oregano and garlic, but now she says that’s no longer necessary.

When she gets home, she doesn’t use the pan anymore, so she can cook the pasta in the oven.

Rachel also said that the service at Santa Claritas restaurants is great.

She added that she has noticed that some customers are more sensitive to the food they are eating.

She has seen some customers who are not sensitive at all.

For Rachel, it�s important that she eats at the restaurants because she said she likes the taste of the food.

Rachel also said she feels very fortunate to have been able do what she is doing at Santa Clas, because the restaurant has become a hub for Mexican culture.

Rachel added that when you are there, you can get the feeling that you are in Mexico, in a restaurant and you are a part of Mexican culture, and that is something that she loves.

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