Why you should avoid colonic disease-causing foods

Why you should avoid colonic disease-causing foods

November 3, 2021 Comments Off on Why you should avoid colonic disease-causing foods By admin

The gut bacteria of people with ulcerative colonitis are so valuable for maintaining the health of the colon, it’s worth avoiding them in all foods, a new study suggests.

The study, published in the British Medical Journal, is the first to examine the relationship between a person’s gut bacteria and their ability to colonize.

A small but growing body of research suggests that gut bacteria play a key role in colon cancer risk.

In fact, the gut microbiome plays a role in about 70 percent of all cancers and ulcerations.

But the role of the microbiome in colonic health is often misunderstood.

When people with Crohn’s disease and ulcers are asked if they think their gut microbiome has an impact on their disease, many people answer no.

But many others, including those with ulcers, have no idea.

For the study, researchers looked at data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

They collected data from 2,085 adults ages 20 and older, who were part of the Health Professionals Follow-up Study, a large-scale, multistage cohort study.

They used a large database of health-related data to estimate the prevalence of ulceratives and colitis and the amount of time they had been ill.

In addition to examining ulceration rates, the study looked at the number of symptoms, whether the person had an ulcer, and whether they had ulcer-related illnesses.

They found that people with more symptoms were more likely to have ulcer infections.

They also found that ulcer patients were more than three times more likely than those with no ulcer to have experienced a colitis-related illness.

There are other reasons to avoid gut bacteria, too.

For example, it is possible to have severe or prolonged colitis or ulcer.

The authors note that some ulcer treatments, such as antibiotics, can help control inflammation.

But for some, they can worsen the disease and lead to ulcer recurrences.

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