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When is your body really ready to get on a diet?

August 19, 2021 Comments Off on When is your body really ready to get on a diet? By admin

The average American has about 4.5lbs of body fat and 2.6lbs of waist circumference, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Australian researchers want to know how people who are already on a prediabetic diet are different to the rest of us.

The researchers say the new research shows the human body is not ready to shed that excess weight.

But what the research has also shown is that dieters who are not on a very strict diet are still capable of shedding body fat.

For example, people who have a body mass index of less than 30 are able to shed up to 5kg of body weight over four months.

“When you have to go off a diet, you have the capacity to get out of that weight loss by your normal weight,” Dr Lee says.

Dr Lee says the new study adds to the body’s knowledge about how the body processes the nutrients it needs.

When people lose weight, their body has to take in more calories.

It’s a system called thermogenesis, which helps the body keep the body fat in check.

So when you go off your diet, the body is looking for a source of energy.

In other words, the more fat you lose, the less energy you’re getting from your body, Dr Lee said.

What the researchers did not know, though, was how often a person could lose weight by reducing calories, and how much more weight could be gained.

They wanted to know if people who had lost weight on a regular basis could lose the extra weight by going off their diet, or if they could gain it by going on a high-calorie diet.

Their results showed that people who lost weight regularly could shed body fat by the end of the four-month trial.

This meant they could lose up to 7.5kg of weight in the first month, and 6.5 kg in the next month, while people who only lost a few kilos of weight a week could shed up 12kg in four months, the study found.

By the end, Dr Lee says, you could have shed an average of 10kg of fat.

“What you’re doing is basically breaking down your calories in the system, which is great,” he says.

“You’re doing your metabolism and getting the energy you need to maintain your weight.”

Dr Lee recommends that people get their diet in order, before trying to lose weight.


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